South section proposed improvements.

  • FABB encourages area riders to Speak Up! in support of Mount Vernon Trail improvements by the January 4, 2023, deadline.

The National Park Service (NPS) is proposing multiple improvements for the entire Mount Vernon Trail (MVT) and is seeking public comment. The NPS proposal would repave and widen the northern section of the trail to 11 feet and the southern portion to 10 feet, where feasible. NPS also proposes that bridges slated for replacement will be widened to 14 feet.

The overall NPS proposal includes a road diet for the southern part of the George Washington Memorial Parkway (GWMP). The road diet will restrict the northbound and southbound travel lanes in the interest of increased safety. Learn more about the proposals from the December 6 public meeting video.

FABB encourages comments in favor of the NPS proposal with these specific suggestions:

  • The width of the trail should be widened to at least 11 feet for the entire length, not just the northern section.
  • Support the proposal that the bridges slated for replacement to be wider than 14 feet, rail to rail.
  • Implement the recommendations of the 2020 NPS Mount Vernon Trail Corridor Study, including the rehabilitation of existing trail counters and installation of new ones on the southern portion of the trail.
  • Support the GWMP road diet and include a roundabout at the Tulane Drive intersection so that bicyclists and pedestrians can safely access the MVT.

Work on the northern section of the MVT should proceed in the near future given that this project is funded through a Smart Scale grant. FABB is part of a coalition that is attempting to help NPS secure funding to rehabilitate the southern section of the trail as well.

To submit comments online by the January 4 deadline, visit the project website here.

Send written comments by mail to: Superintendent, Attn: GWMP South and MVT Plan / EA, 700 George Washington Memorial Parkway McLean, VA 22101.

Don’t wait. Show your support for the propose MVT improvements today!




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