FABB encourages local riders to promote better bicycling using surveys being conducted by the Tysons Community Alliance to gather information on needs, preferences, and aspirations of employers, employees, residents, and all members of the Tysons community. These community surveys aim to identify opportunities for key transportation, parks, retail, and other initiatives to ensure that Tysons continues to thrive as a remarkable place to live, work and visit.

We’re asking those of you who ride to and through Tysons to fill out the Transportation survey, which the alliance want to use to understand how people commute to and move around Tysons and to identify areas where transportation improvements are needed.

It only takes a few minutes. The survey doesn’t include a specific question about biking, so please consider entering comments such as the following in the section about pedestrians:

  • Future surveys should include specific questions about biking because bicyclists have different needs than pedestrians.
  • Tysons needs bike facilities that are separated from traffic and pedestrians.
  • To become bike-friendly, Tysons needs to link new protected bike lanes to the good bike routes (Ashgrove, Vesper, Scotts Run trails) already leading into the city.
  • Tysons should work with VDOT and FCDOT to install a road diet on International Drive from Route 7 to the Toll Road and create cycle tracks with available pavement.
  • The bike lanes along Gallows Road that end just before Route 7 should be improved with protection where possible and be extended as cycle tracks on International Drive.
  • Convenient short- and long-term bike parking should be available at most destinations.
  • The Community Alliance should work with FCDOT to ensure the Active Transportation Plan includes provisions for better bike facilities in Tysons.
  • Protected bike lanes in other cities have repeatedly shown a greater return on investment than other measures in terms of encouraging active transportation, less pollution and congestion, more economic activity, and a healthier community.

Please fill out the survey today and making bicycling better in Tysons.

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