• FABB is launching its year-end annual appeal on November 29, #Giving Tuesday, with the theme “The Time is Now!”
  • We also are launching a new membership program to grow a community of advocates for bicycling for transportation and recreation.

FABB this year has continued to make bicycling better in Fairfax County through its efforts to encourage more people to experience the joys of bicycling and its advocacy for more safe, reliable, connected, and fun paths and trails.

We have chosen the theme “The Time is Now” for our year-end annual appeal, which starts on November 29, #Giving Tuesday, because we believe there has never been a better time to ride a bike to improve our communities’ health, environment, and economy while also helping to save the planet.

In addition, the time is now for urgent action to get government and transportation departments to prioritize biking. We must act on the opportunities and necessity created by the merger of increasing federal funds for bike infrastructure, growing demands for safe places to ride amid rising traffic violence, and bicycles’ unique ability to fight climate change, enhance equitable mobility, and promote our communities’ economic and environmental well-being.

The donations given during the annual appeal allow FABB, as it has since 2005, to continue championing county planning and state legislation to approve funding for local trails and street safety improvements, to add infrastructure to connect communities and transit, and to expand bike share facilities and bicycle parking. Mixed with our education and encouragement efforts, these gifts enable FABB to grow the community of riders able to cruise confidently past congested roads to get to work or link to public transport as they reduce pollution and improve their health.

Also, the time is now to reap the extra benefit of donations, which come with a FABB membership and ride discounts, t-shirt, and other benefits. Learn about our newly launched membership program on our website here and then visit our Donate page to make your gift and become part of a community of riders who are as passionate about making bicycling better as you are.

Over the next few weeks, we will be publishing additional blogs that provide the details on the increasing opportunities and growing needs for change to show that the time is now is press hard for better bicycling in Fairfax County.

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