• Biking for fun or transportation should be safe and comfortable for everyone.
  • Join us to help make bicycling better!

Since 2005 FABB has been the leading advocate for connected and protected bike facilities across Fairfax County. Our education, skill-building, and social bike events have helped and continue to encourage more and more people to experience the joy of biking and adopt riding for recreation, short trips, and commuting.

In conjunction with our 2022 year-end appeal, FABB is launching a new multi-tier memberships program to grow our organization and help fund our important advocacy, education, and encouragement activities.

With your donation at one of our six levels, you become a FABB member and get:

  • Your biking interests represented to local and state government.
  • A community of riders who are as passionate about making bicycling better as you are.
  • Cool stuff! Ride discounts, t-shirts, and more!

By becoming a donor member, you will contribute to FABB’s efforts to make Fairfax County a place where bicycling is easy. We do this by providing input on policy, advocating for safer streets, and educating existing and potential riders. Joining our advocacy and showing the desire of Fairfax County riders for change helps to persuade our political leaders and the institutions that build and maintain infrastructure to act to achieve our better bicycling goals.

Click here today to donate and join FABB and make bicycling better in Fairfax County.




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