• Biking helps beat quarantine fatigue and can be done safely. 
  • FABB members offer four bike routes that help maintain social distancing. 

We’ve written before that biking is a great antidote to quarantine fatigue. It helps to reduce stress while improving happiness, mental focus, and sleep. Many Fairfax County residents have taken up biking as a fun and acceptable way to go outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine during the public health emergency.

Local traffic is returning to normal, but there are still good times during the day and on weekends to get off crowded shared-used paths and bike on streets and roads where safe and comfortable riding is possible.

If you are new to biking in Fairfax County or would like to try riding on local roads, FABB members have provided the following suggestions for bike routes of varying lengths that should be good for maintaining social distancing and avoiding crowds. Remember to take a mask with you in case you want to stop at a store or eating establishment.

Huntington-Eisenhower Loop. This roughly 10-mile route around the Alexandria area explores the edges of Cameron Run. The route is mostly flat with one big hill at Mount Eagle Park. It also skirts along Old Town Alexandria, which provide options for short detours to shop or eat. You can find more details on this ride and a cue sheet here.

Huntington-Eisenhower Loop

Reston Loop. This is a 13-mile ride over rolling hills that uses on-road bike lanes, neighborhood streets, and short sections of the Fairfax County Parkway and W&OD Trails. You can find more details and a cue sheet here.

Reston Loop

Reston-Fox Mill Loop. This is a mostly on-road 17-mile route using bike lanes and neighborhood streets that passes by Fox Mill Village Center. Cyclists should use extra caution on more heavily used McLearen and West Ox roads. Parallel sidewalks or trails are an option on both of those roads. Find more details and a cue sheet here.

Reston-Fox Mill Loop

2019 Tour de Mount Vernon Short Route. This is a longer and more challenging ride of 20.2 miles that was developed as part of the annual Tour de Mount Vernon ride. The reward is a ride through  some of the most beautiful parts of Mount Vernon District starting from the Lorton Workhouse. You can find more details and a cue sheet here.

Tour de Mount Vernon Short Route

These routes cover only a few parts of the county. But, you can find many on-road routes closer to your home using the Fairfax County Bike Map. If you have questions or would like some additional help, please contact us at [email protected].

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