FABB is pleased to announce three new members are joining our Board of Directors this year. The Board, as allowed under FABB by laws, decided recently to increase its size from nine to eleven directors to improve our engagement throughout Fairfax County. Kevin Romance, Joy Faunce, and Taylor Jones, all long-time bicyclists, have filled one empty position and the two new ones to share their love of riding.

Kevin Romance began his love affair with bicycles delivering both the Washington Star and Washington Post on his red Schwinn. Bicycles meant independence for the DC area native during a time when rides to the Dart Drug to play PacMan were in short supply. He first rode the W&OD Trail as a teenager, riding long distances before he ever learned that biking was supposed to be exercise. Since then he has completed several centuries with the Mammoth Lake Gran Fondo in California being his most recent. Recently diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis (inflammatory arthritis), he thought that he and the bike might be finished. But, after two hip replacements and a lot of miles since, Kevin says he is ready for more challenges. Through FABB, he hopes to improve bicycle access and safety in underserved communities and to advocate for healthy communities where bikes are used for commuting, fitness, and recreation.

Joy Faunce loves the freedom bicycling offers and believes accessible and safe bicycling is something everyone deserves. An avid road and offroad (gravel) cyclist, Joy can regularly be found on trails in our area. A Fairfax County native, she has seen how the riding experience has evolved in the past two decades and was aware of how FABB’s work benefitted the biking community. Wanting to see Northern Virginia’s bicycling infrastructure continue to improve, she looks forward to working with the other board members and volunteers on advancing the organization’s priorities.

A longtime cyclist, Taylor Jones has worked extensively in the bicycle industry for more than 20 years. He works as the Executive Director of Bikes for the World in Rockville, where he has spent the past decade rescuing unwanted bikes in the DC region and getting them to people for whom a bike can be life transforming. Previously, Taylor oversaw establishment and operation of Capital Bikeshare in DC and CoGo bikeshare in Columbus, Ohio. A USA Cycling member, Taylor has been involved in road, cyclocross and mountain biking for nearly 25 years as a racer, event organizer, volunteer and team mechanic. Taylor currently dedicates time to supporting a successful junior cycling team and exploring the DC area by bike.

FABB is excited about having these three active and committed riders join the Board and assist in leading us into more and better advocacy. If you would like to help our Board make bicycling better in Fairfax County, send us a note at [email protected].  We are always in need of volunteers to help with events, chair project committees, and represent FABB at public meetings.


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