Tysons Conceptual Bike Map

Nine years ago the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors approve the Tysons plan, which included an extensive network of bicycle facilities and was the first time that bicycle parking guidelines were included in the county’s comprehensive plan.

FABB worked with the county staff to develop a placeholder conceptual bicycle plan, much of which was incorporated into the county’s Bicycle Master Plan when it was approved five years later. FABB also advised on the bicycle parking guidelines.

At the time, FABB judged this as a huge win for Fairfax cyclists and bicycling advocates, who had turned out for numerous public hearings, including the Board of Supervisors meeting, to speak out for the need for Tysons to become a bicycle-friendly place.

Today, Tysons is becoming ever more bike- and pedestrian-friendly. Ongoing construction and traffic still make it challenging to ride in Tysons. But bike lanes, bike share stations, and trails linking Tysons to other parts of the county are making it much easier to get around. More cyclists are riding in Tysons, and motorists seem to be increasingly aware of the need to watch for riders and to share the road.

Tysons leaders are committed to getting people out of cars to reduce congestion and pollution and make the area more livable. More bike facilities are planned, and FABB is excited to see the improvements that will be made over the next five to ten years. Won’t you join us in our advocacy to maintain momentum for  making bicycling better in Tysons and the rest of Fairfax County?

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