Example of cracked and damaged MVT asphalt surface.

FABB urges bicyclists and trail users to comment in support of the National Park Service (NPS) proposal to improve the southern section of the Mount Vernon Trail (MVT).  The comment period ends on September 1, 2023.

The NPS rehabilitation proposal includes:

  • geometric changes, such as trail realignment and widening;
  • trail bridge replacement or rehabilitation;
  • trail intersection treatments;
  • drainage improvements;
  • vegetation management; and
  • other trail amenities to improve safety and the visitor experience, and to extend the service life of the trail and minimize future maintenance requirements.

The May 2020 MVT Corridor Study found that the southern portion of the MVT in Fairfax County was in poor condition with the most pavement deterioration and “significant amounts of cracking” and raised bumps. Currently, the non-profit group, Friends of the Mount Vernon Trail, has been carrying the load of trail rehabilitation —and doing a magnificent job—but there are some things only the NPS can do. Everyone who uses the trail needs to let the NPS know that more needs to be done.

Improved sight lines after Friends of the MVT cleared overgrown foliage and invasive species.

Within Fairfax County, trail rehabilitation would include widening from the typical 8–9-foot width to a maximum width of 10 feet depending on physical and environmental constraints. Ten feet is the minimum width recommended by American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) for two-directional multi-use paths / trails.  FABB encourages commenters to ask NPS to widen the trail to 12 feet where feasible.

Don’t wait! Please comment by September 1!


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