This Blog, initially published on January 17, was updated on January 22, 2019.

Due to inclement weather and the relationship between the snow removal and repaving budget (they are one in the same!), VDOT has postponed the finalization of its repaving plans and pushed back publication of repaving information until the end of February or early March. As a result, VDOT will be rescheduling the January and February public hearings to March. As soon as an updated schedule is available, FABB will help spread the word. 

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) is getting ready for its Northern Virginia Paving Program, which will pave and restripe hundreds of roads in Fairfax County between April and November this year.

VDOT will be holding public meetings in all of the districts to get feedback from the community. This is a great opportunity for FABB members and other interested riders to comment on proposed striping modifications for bike lanes. You can find more information about the plans at VDOT’s interactive paving map, which is currently offline but will have road specific project status and contact information for 2019 starting in March.

You also can submit comments online directly to FCDOT at [email protected]. The deadline for public comments will be two weeks after each district meeting is held.



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