FABB’s 2022 year-end annual appeal is off to a good start, and we are happy to announce that two members of our bicycling community have decided that the time is now to commit to matching the first $3,000 raised by FABB between 5 and 15 December.

Please help us meet this match and double the impact your onetime gift or monthly donation commitment by donating here now.

Another great way to increase the impact of your donation is use employer match programs. Many companies offer these programs to encourage charitable giving, yet, year after year, available matching funds go unused. So, please check with your employer and let them know that you are supporting FABB.

Your dollars will help us spread the joy of bicycling in Fairfax County in 2023. Together, we can continue to advocate for policies to create more reliable and affordable transportation options, quieter and safer streets, cleaner air, and improved well-being that come from expanding bicycle infrastructure and encouraging more people to ride through social rides and bike education classes.

Please share this message to help spread the word about FABB’s work and encourage others to support better bicycling in Fairfax County.

Together we can make OUR communities a place where everyone can safely ride wherever and whenever they want to go. So, don’t wait and become part of a community of civic-minded riders who are as passionate about making bicycling better as you are by donating here now.


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