• $400 million in funding is available for regional transportation projects in 2020-2025 plan.
  • Help support candidate projects with bicycling and pedestrian improvements by commenting now.

The Northern Virginia Transportation Authority (NVTA) is looking for your thoughts now on 41 candidate transportation projects for regional funding consideration as part of the Six Year Program Update for 2020-2025. NVTA expects to allocate at least $400 million towards projects across the Northern Virginia region when the Six Year Program Update is adopted in June 2020.

Of the 41 projects spread across Fairfax, Arlington, Loudon, and Prince William Counties and local cities and towns, nearly all include bicycle-related improvements. Here are some of the Fairfax County projects that deserve our support and would benefit from local riders’ comments:

  • Richmond Highway Widening from Route 235 North to Route 235 South (FFX-108) will have 8-foot wide off-road two-way bicycle paths and 6-foot wide sidewalks on both sides of the road.
  • Richmond Highway Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Project (FFX-098) covers 8.6 miles between Huntington Metro Station and Fort Belvoir and will include an 8-foot two-way cycle track continuously within the project limits.
  • Rolling Road Widening from Hunter Village Drive to Old Keene Mill Road (FFX-112) will add a shared-use path to this area.
  • Soapstone Drive Extension (FFX-106) is a new roadway, approximately one-half mile long between Sunrise Valley Drive and Sunset Hills Road, and will feature 5-foot wide on-road bicycle lanes on each side and a 10-foot wide shared use path on the east side.
  • Braddock Road Corridor and Intersection Improvements (FFX-104) would include 10-foot wide shared-use paths on both sides of Braddock Road and improved trail connections.
  • Seven Corners Ring Road Improvements (FFX-114) includes a 12-foot bi-directional cycletrack.
  • City of Fairfax Old Lee Highway Multimodal Improvements (CFX-011) will construct improvements from Layton Hall Drive to Ridge Avenue to provide separated bicycle and shared-use paths on both sides of Old Lee Highway.
  • City of Fairfax Government Center Parkway Extension (CFX-014) will create a new bicycle connection between Waples Mill Road and Jermantown Road and parallel to Route 29/Lee Highway and Route 50/Fairfax Boulevard with on-road bicycle lanes.
  • Other projects up for potential funding include Town of Vienna Regional Bikesharing (VIE-003), City of Falls Church Downtown Multimodal Improvements (CFC-005) to accommodate bike routes from its Bicycle Master Plan, and City of Falls Church West Falls Church Access (CFC-006) with a new multi-use path to better connect the W&OD Trail with the West Falls Church Metrorail Station.

The complete project list, individual project description forms, maps and detailed analyses are available at www.thenovaauthority.org/fy2024-2025-six-year-program-update.

Again, public input is welcomed and can be submitted using NVTA’s comment form or by email to [email protected]. You also can mail your comments to: NVTA, 3040 Williams Drive, Suite 200, Fairfax, VA 22031. The public comment period closes on May 24, 2020, so please submit your ideas now.

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