• Now is a great time to try bike commuting. 
  • FABB Bike Advisors are here to help.

FABB is pleased to announce its new Bike Advisor program to help commuters try bicycling during the Metro Silver and Orange lines shutdown that began May 23, 2020 and runs through the fall.

The station closures and Silver Line shutdown come as the region contemplates a phased reopening of businesses and government. The regional transportation situation is sure to become more complicated because of reduced public transportation options, social distancing and masking requirements, and an anticipated surge in motor vehicle traffic.

This could be the right time for you to try bike commuting. Biking is a healthy and economical way to get to work. Plus, with proper planning and preparation, it can become an enjoyable part of your work day.

FABB’s Bike Advisors can help you with this preparation.

These volunteers from around the county are available to advise new commuters on bike routes to work or wherever they need to go. We can help you select a well-chosen bike route that avoids high-volume, high-speed roads and provides a safer and more pleasant commute. Our advisors also can provide helpful advice on the equipment and other resources needed to have a successful bike trip.

To request help with a bike route or other bike commuting question, email us at [email protected] or click here.

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