FABB President Bruce Wright.

We wanted to share the following remarks by FABB President Bruce Wright at the ribbon cutting ceremony for the opening of the Grist Mill Trail section of the Mount Vernon Memorial Highway Trail on May 12, 2023.

“Good morning and thanks for letting me say a few words on behalf of FABB. As I was riding here from Little Hunting Creek parking lot, I was reminded of the first Tour de Mt Vernon back on the last day of 2016. Supervisor Storck stopped on a rough section of the existing trail to the east and talked about the need for repairing and extending it. The trail was in bad shape.”

“The repaving of that part of the trail and this new connection to Route 1 open up all kinds of opportunities for cyclists and cycle tourism.”

“Riders using Adventure Cycling’s Atlantic Coast Bicycle Route, US Bike Route 1, and the East Coast Greenway will now have the option to use the trail on this stretch instead of the roadway.”

“In the future, I hope the County will continue to maintain and improve the trail by repaving the gaps and ultimately moving the entire trail to the north side of the road.”

New Trail section.

“This trail connection also creates a great new long distance loop route. I can now ride from my home in Reston to here on paved trails and I can return using a different set of trails to complete the 70-mile loop!”

“As word gets out to other cyclists, I think a lot of them will want to ride the loop… Cyclists love long loop trails.”

“And with the many historic and cultural landmarks along the route, I think it will attract riders well beyond Northern Virginia.”

“Thank you, Supervisor Storck, for your advocacy, to the Board of Supervisors for your support, and to County staff for getting the job done.”

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Attendees on New Trail.

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