This Sunday, November 19, is World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims, a global event held every third Sunday of November to honor those who have lost their lives or been impacted by roadway crashes. This year communities in the United States and around the world will gather together to demand action to improve roadway safety. Participants also will promote proven safety strategies, including redesigning dangerous roads, reducing speed limits, and improving vehicle design.

In our area, the Northern Virginia Families for Safe Streets will be conducting an event open to the public at 1:00 pm at Wakefield High School in Arlington. The commemoration will acknowledge Northern Virginia’s victims of road traffic violence over the last year and include words from victims’ families and local elected leaders and officials.

This day is a crucial opportunity for everyone to remind government and transportation officials that the tragic scale and impact of road-related deaths and injuries requires immediate and concerted action to end this public health crisis.

Please take the time this Sunday to do your part to remember those killed and seriously injured in crashes, support those personally impacted, and act by advocating and implementing evidence-based solutions to end this crisis on our roadways.


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