• Detours on the W&OD Trail at Route 29 and south of East Falls Church Metro. 
  • Help keep us informed about changes along this and other trails. 

If you have been or are planning to start bike commuting, you should be aware of new and recent trail detours along the Washington & Old Dominion (W&OD) Trail.

The new detour at Lee Highway (Route 29) in Arlington will accommodate construction of the new trail bridge over Lee Highway which is set for completion this fall. Riders will no longer need to follow the old detour that used nearby streets to get around the construction. Instead, trail users will now travel on approximately 200 feet of temporary pavement adjacent to the new bridge and the original trail alignment. This new configuration will remain in place until completion of construction but be aware that there will be an occasional need to revert to the previous detour during certain construction activities.

If you haven’t traveled through this area recently, you also should be aware that there is a detour around Crossman Park just south of the East Falls Church Metro station. The detour takes you along 19th Street across North Sycamore Street to another trail into Madison Manor Park and back to the W&OD Trail.

Are there other new detours out there on the W&OD and the Custis Trails that other riders should know about? Help us keep everyone informed and let us know at [email protected].

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