This week has been declared Try Transit Week in Virginia and culminates with Car Free Days between September 21-23. The Fairfax County Department of Transportation (FCDOT), Fairfax Connector, Fairfax County Commuter Services, and other regional transportation partners are offering commuters the chance to win great prizes to encourage Fairfax County residents and commuters to get out of their cars and give public transportation a try. FABB, of course, supports Try Transit Week and encourages those who have been considering bike commuting to give it a try this week.

FCDOT is offering two opportunities for Fairfax County residents to try transit and go car-free. First, you can qualify for  a FREE $50 Smart Trip Card for use on transit or parking at Fairfax County’s Metrorail parking garages to residents after completing a survey here.  In addition, social media users who share photos of their smart commuting on FCDOT’s Facebook page (@FFXTransportation) will be eligible for a chance to win an Echo Dot personal voice assistant.

Participants in Try Transit Week and Car Free Days can also take the pledge here to register for prizes and can check out options here for other regional promotions. Programs such as the Guaranteed Ride Home program can make it easier for commuters to leave their cars at home and try transit or ridesharing because it provides a free taxi ride home in case an emergency occurs during the day.

Working from home also contributes to going car free! Companies looking for technical assistance to establish a telework program for their employees can contact the Fairfax County Department of Transportation’s Commuter Services at 703-877-5641. TTY 711.

FABB is pleased to be a partner with the Fairfax County Department of Transportation as it has become more invested in improving the infrastructure and resources—including bicycle facilities—to give our citizens more choices to get to work or get around town. Better commuting habits will benefit everyone personally and globally today and well into the future.

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