• Washington Post acknowledges boom in biking and offers tips on trail etiquette.
  • A good reminder for everyone, so please share.
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Illustration courtesy of Washington Post.

FABB was pleased to see the recent Washington Post article by Angela Haupt on trail etiquette (and not just because our own Bruce Wright was interviewed for the piece). The Post is not always so encouraging about biking in the greater metropolitan region, so the paper’s evident approval and encouragement of bicycling as a recreation option was quite welcome.

We won’t repeat the article here but encourage everyone to read it and share it with others to help make bicycling better. Part of that is being mindful of others on the trails and roads and always being courteous. In addition, in these pandemic times, be conscious of social distancing and wear a mask or other mouth and nose cover when you are in close proximity to others.

The article also includes a helpful list of great places to ride for new riders. Check it out!


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