Fairfax City is seeking public comment on redesign recommendations for the intersection of Chain Bridge Road and Eaton Place near I-66. The proposed redesign includes a shared-use trial segment that will parallel Chain Bridge Road and provide access to the new I-66 trail.

When completed, the proposed trail also will provide access to a planned new segment of the George Snyder Trail that connects to Fairfax Boulevard and areas south.

The intersection at issue suffers significant congestion and desperately needs improvements. FABB believes that creating safe infrastructure for bicycling and walking can help reduce traffic demand and contribute to a safer and more climate-friendly area.

Because the proposed construction will result in the removal of trees and a potential loss of sound attenuation for a few nearby homes, some local residents are opposing the trail. FABB appreciates these concerns and supports efforts to alter the design to mitigate the problems while maintaining a protected shared-use trail, either with replanted trees, as shown in the recommended design illustrations, or other barriers.

This is an important and needed connection that provides safe access to the I-66 and other trails from surrounding communities.

Please show your support today and post your comments to Fairfax City here.

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