FABB recently discovered that a new bike parking option is available at the Reston Town Center. The new racks, made by the company Bikeep, contain a locking arm that is activated by using a Metro SmartTrip card or the Bikeep app. There is currently no time limit and the parking is free. The racks are arranged in stations that provide space for parking 5 to 9 bikes.

Several stations are located around the Town Center. The racks are intended for short term parking for visitors. We’ve been told that Bikeep lockers will be installed this summer to provide long term parking for employees or more secure parking for visitors.

  • Most cyclists prefer to park as close to their destination as possible, but the Bikeep racks are located on the edges of the Town Center. A small drawback but not inappropriate for Town Center.
  • Another downside is that the locking arm does not include the rear wheel, so some users will still want to use a cable lock.

There are currently no plans to charge for parking or limit the length of time a rack can be used. However, if a bike is parked for an extended period of time, the user, identified via their SmartTrip card or the app, would likely be asked to move the bike

FABB commends Boston Properties for experimenting with these new, innovative racks. We think that they will prove useful and add another reason for locals to bike rather than drive to Town Center.

We encourage riders to try them out. At a minimum, they are an excellent option for when you forget to carry a lock and need secure parking.

Let us know about your experience and how you would improve the service. Is this something FABB should include in its advocacy for better bicycle parking? Contact us at [email protected].


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