National Bike Challenge, May to July Results.

Maybe it was the 100-plus degree days or the bad air warnings, but Fairfax riders lost some ground in the National Bike Challenge in July. Chicago area cyclists moved ahead of us into fifth place, apparently by registering a large number of longer rides. Although the Cook County cyclists have logged just 62 more rides since May than our local riders, they have covered nearly 17,000 more miles. Still, through the end of July, Fairfax County cyclists have logged just over 5,600 trips and have covered nearly 89,000 miles. Not bad! Not bad at all.

The National Bike Challenge runs through September, and it’s not too late to participate. As we have mentioned previously, the challenge is a helpful gauge of the strength of bicycling in our area. So, FABB would love to see more people riding as part of the challenge. You can join in the fun by registering here.


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