• Automated Vehicles (AVs) could make our roads safer but rules are needed.
  • Speak Up! and tell NHTSA to put safety first for AVs.

FABB asks local riders to take advantage of the League of American Bicyclists (LAB) campaign to tell the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to create rules for Automated Vehicles to make them safer for people who bike and walk.

NHTSA is asking for public comments on a Framework for Automated Driving System Safety. Please join the League of American Bicyclists in telling NHTSA this Framework must prioritize the safety of people biking, walking, and using wheelchairs. Go to the LAB advocacy page here to add your voice to the call for action.

FABB agrees with LAB’s demands that the Automated Driving System Safety Framework include:

  •  a “Vision Test” to ensure that developers are creating automated vehicles that can detect and respond to pedestrians, bicyclists and wheelchair users of all races and ethnicities;
  • safety testing of existing automated technologies, like automated emergency braking; and
  • resources necessary to ensure that as automated driving systems continue to develop, the technology’s safety means safety for all people, including people outside of ADS-equipped vehicles.

Speak Up! now and help make our streets safer for everyone.


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