Last week, on May 25, the Fairfax County Department of Transportation (FCDOT) provided an ActiveFairfax Transportation Plan Project update to the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors Transportation Committee

FABB was pleased to note that the briefing reported more than 1,400 comments had been provided to the virtual community surveys and more than 450 on the virtual Planned Trail, Bike Network, and Complete Streets Map. About 70% of the respondents expressed interest in riding a bicycle or micromobility vehicle. FABB is extremely gratified by the response from local riders.

FCDOT reported that surveys showed that Fairfax County residents value active travel for exercise, relaxation, spending time outdoors, and short trips. Unsurprisingly, people want more connected, comfortable, and well-maintained sidewalks, bikeways, and trails with frequent and safer street crossings; slower vehicle speeds; street trees; sidewalk and trail lighting; secure and convenient bike parking; and more destinations in walking or biking distance. Locals view Complete Streets and trails as important for staying healthy and active, providing equitable transportation choices, and improving the county’s economy and environment.

We were especially pleased with the proposed Active Transportation Vision Statement:

“Fairfax County streets, sidewalks, bikeways and trails are welcoming places where people of diverse races, cultures, incomes and ages feel comfortable walking, biking, or using other forms of active transportation to safely and conveniently access the widest range of destinations, or to exercise, relax or spent time outdoors.”

Over the coming month, the Board Transportation Committee will review the project’s strategies and metrics. This will be followed by a public review period between July and August with Board action expected in September. The Board of Supervisors will examine the proposed draft active transportation vision, goals, and objectives and their alignment the Board’s active transportation priorities.

FABB encourages everyone to review the project update and continue voicing your support for all of the elements of active transportation with your district supervisor.


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