• Speak Up! for a more bicycle-friendly concept to improve Rt. 236
  • Fill out the VDOT survey by May 31!

VDOT is conducting the Route 236 STARS study to assess potential operational, safety, and accessibility improvements for about four miles of Little River Turnpike between I-495 in Annandale and I-395 in Alexandria.

This Strategically Targeted Affordable Roadway Solutions is focused non-motorized safety conditions, transit, access management, and to propose improvements. VDOT, Toole Design, and FCDOT are looking at alternatives for Rt 236 that will eliminate left turns, close access points, move bus stops, add crosswalks and signs, and add shared use paths and sidewalks. VDOT is required to consider the views of the public and the means to safely move vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians.

Unfortunately, at the May 12 VDOT public meeting, , no bicyclists voiced their support for bicycle improvements. VDOT, however, is accepting public comments using a survey to capture the public’s ideas and preferences.

FABB recommends that VDOT adopt Concept A – Non-Motorized Emphasis for the proposed improvements as the approach that best meets state and local multimodal and active transportation goals to reduce congestion and improve health and environmental outcomes. FABB also recommends that the study should include a shared use path on the north side of Route 236.

Won’t you please act today and fill out the VDOT survey to support Concept A and a share-use path? It only takes five minutes and is another small step in making bicycling better in Fairfax County.



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