When VDOT suggested widening I-66 more than ten years ago, FABB was at the forefront of advocacy efforts to install a shared-use trail adjacent to the highway. Through the cooperation of many dedicated bicycle advocates, county leaders and staff, VDOT transportation engineers, and the I-66 design-builders, most of the I-66 trail is on-schedule to become a reality by December 2022.

At FABB’s suggestion, VDOT included bicycle counters in the I-66 design-build technical requirements contract. The 8 permanent non-motorized traffic counters will be composed of combined bicycle detector loops and passive infrared sensors. They will be able to count and differentiate between pedestrians and cyclists.

VDOT has asked FABB for suggestions on where best to place the 8 bike ped counters. FABB is now looking to local riders to share their knowledge of the future I-66 trail corridor, recommend as many as 8 counter locations for VDOT’s consideration.

Please provide a brief reason for selecting the location and list the locations from east to west in the following format: Counter Number, Location, Reason

  • Example: 1, Gallows Road North, To count users from Tysons, W&OD Trail, and Stenwood Elementary School areas at the trail entrance.

You can find information about the trail and links to trail map sections at the VDOT Trails pages.

Please send your suggestions to [email protected] by October 17, 2021. All responses will be considered and a consolidated reply written without mentioning any names will be sent to VDOT.



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