• Help keep our trails, sidewalks, and bikeways well maintained by letting officials know where fixes are needed.

Did you know that, according to Fairfax County Department of Transportation (FCDOT) records, there are 4,421 miles of trails, sidewalks, and bikeways (TSB) in Fairfax County?

That’s a lot of concrete, asphalt, and other paving materials to maintain and keep clear of encroaching plants, dangerous debris, and other obstructions. The organizations responsible for TSB maintenance and safety could use the help of people who regularly walk, ride, and roll.

A good way to help is to visit the Fairfax County Public Works and Environmental Service’s interactive map, which shows who owns the trail segments and how to report maintenance needs. At the webpage, just click on the map photo and, after the page loads, expand the map, locate the trail, and then right click to find the trail owner and how to report maintenance concerns.

While not mentioned on the county web page, you also have the option of using the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT)  myVDOT web page to report bicycle facility maintenance needs. FABB’s advocacy was key to encouraging VDOT to include the ability to report ped/bike problems.

State and local government officials always say safety and maintenance are their key priorities. Let’s help our public servants do their jobs by reporting problems with our trail maintenance requests.

To increase the effectiveness of the request, be sure to note the location as specifically as possible and have a few pictures to upload to show the problem.

We can all help make bicycling better by notifying the trail owners when facilities need maintenance or are unsafe.

Overgrown trails (left), damaged infrastructure such as a broken bollard (center), and above surface utility outlets along with obstructive debris and standing water are common problems that should be reported.


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