Hard to believe, but it was just a year ago that FABB unveiled our new and improved website to help you stay informed and make it easier to get involved.

Our old website had served us well for over decade. Between February 2007 and November 2018, it helped us to spread the word about FABB’s mission and work and to engage thousands of people in making bicycling better in Fairfax County. During that time, we posted nearly 2800 blogs to keep our members up to date on bicycling and other related developments in the county, region, and state.

In the year since the new site was started, we’ve posted 180 blogs (averaging nearly one every other day), provided updated bicycling resources, and kept up with ongoing major infrastructure projects in the county.

Feedback has been very positive on the new site. Still, we welcome suggestions for making it better.

We also are looking for additional help in taking our website up to world-class levels. In particular, we need:

  • Individuals familiar with WordPress who can help maintain and improve the look of the site.
  • Bloggers and other writers and storytellers to help inform the membership on upcoming events, inspire volunteers and donors, and maintain our Advocacy, Resources, and Get Involved pages.
  • Photographers and graphic artists to improve the appeal and impact of our pages with photos and images that show the joy, diversity, beauty, and utility of bicycling in and around Fairfax County.
  • We also need volunteers to help keep FABB’s presence on social media as robust as possible. If you enjoy creating messages for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other sites, we can use your assistance.

If you or someone you know might be interested in helping FABB in these ways, please contact us at [email protected].

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