FABB encourages area riders (and other lovers of active transportation) to participate in the League of American Bicyclists’ campaign to use the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework to incorporate key bike safety and infrastructure provisions from BOTH the House and Senate transportation reauthorization bills. In only takes a minute to fill out the form and send an email to our state senators, Mark Warner and Tim Kaine, showing your support for a final framework that includes better biking and walking through equitable access, safe streets for all, and “fix it right” provisions.

FABB supports these key priorities for inclusion in the framework:

  • Equitable Access Across Modes. In order to ensure all people have equitable access to transportation systems, agencies should be measuring how zip code, income level, or disability impacts connectivity.
  • Safe Streets for All. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework must invest in infrastructure that will keep those who bike, walk, or roll safe as they use the road.
  • Fix It Right. The nation’s transportation infrastructure is in disrepair. Congress should require states and municipalities  to fix existing roads before building new ones, and to fix it right by making roads safer and more accessible regardless of whether you are biking, walking, rolling, driving or taking transit.

Don’t wait. Go to the LAB page now and show your support today.



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