• We need local riders to share their thoughts on improving bike parking in Fairfax County.
  • Act now by emailing questions and comments.

On November 18, Fairfax County issued a draft parking ordinance that, thanks to FABB’s advocacy, includes requirements for bicycle parking. Defining bicycle parking requirements, however, is a subjective process that is often dependent on whether you are a bicyclist or a landowner being required to include a specified number of bike parking spaces.

FABB is now asking local riders to share their thoughts with the county’s parking program manager to improve the draft and show support for bicycle parking.

While the county staff coordinated the bicycle requirements with FCDOT and the county attorney’s office, your views are needed to ensure the requirements are complete and appropriate. For example, the draft ordinance does not require directional signage for bike parking, and riders should demand the addition of this requirement where appropriate.

The draft bicycle parking ordinance is found on pages 33 to 36 of the Fairfax County Parking Reimagined White Paper or at the link above. In the draft document, the county asks for the public’s view on when the ordinance should apply and the preferred number of bike parking spaces when a range of spaces is shown. It is important for local riders to register their support by responding.

Please send your comments and questions by December 31, 2022, to Michael Davis, Parking Program Manager with Land Development Services, at [email protected] and include a copy to [email protected].

Your comments and suggestions will be considered by county staff during the draft review process and are a great way to help make bicycling better in Fairfax County.


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