FABB wanted to make sure everyone saw the GreaterGreaterWashington article by Coalition for Smarter Growth senior policy fellow Bill Pugh on the results of a “Voices of the Region.”

FABB members and supporters may be pleasantly surprised that the recent survey showed that many of the region’s residents want to bike and walk more and that more people are supportive of using street space for bike lanes and pedestrian areas.

The survey indicated that respondents, in answering an open-ended question about transportation investments, believed that future generations will thank us more for clean transportation, transit, walking, and biking investments than for wider roads.

This is great news for bicycle advocates and anyone who loves and support bicycling. The pandemic has highlighted the many benefits of bicycling and its inclusion in multimodal transportation planning.

The survey was conducted by the National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board (TPB), which represents elected officials and transportation agencies in the DC metro area. It also provided insights into popular views on telework, transit needs, climate change, and development. You can find more details on the survey and its results here.


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