Photo courtesy of CASA.

Earlier this month, CASA, an immigrant advocacy group, and the Coalition for Smarter Growth (CSG) kicked off their Safe Streets for Bailey’s Crossroads campaign in the Culmore community along Route 7. The rally was held adjacent to the site where a 68-year-old woman was fatally struck by a motor vehicle while walking along a sidewalk-less portion of Leesburg Pike in December.

WUSA Channel 9 broadcast a report on the rally and provided a nice write up of the event at the station’s website. You can see the video here and read the full article, which is summarized below, here.

The campaign is intended to publicize the area’s dangers, especially to the immigrant community, many of whom do not own cars and rely on public transportation, walking, and biking. An analysis by CSG, Fairfax’s Families for Safe Streets and FABB, which was submitted to the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), indicated that the latest death could have been prevented if there were better safety infrastructure.

A VDOT spokesperson said its Traffic Engineering staff has been in ongoing dialogue with Fairfax’s Families for Safe Streets and was coordinating with Fairfax County on potential improvements that VDOT is aiming to share with the community in June.

FABB is proud to be working with CASA and CSG to promote safe streets in Bailey Crossroads. Want to join us? Contact FABB at [email protected].


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