Fairfax County Active Transportation Planner Nicole Wynands.

Please plan now to join FABB for our next virtual meeting on Wednesday, May 18, from 7:00 to 8:00 pm.  We are happy to announce that our feature speaker will be Nicole Wynands, Active Transportation Planner for Fairfax County Active Transportation Program.

You can register for the meeting here.

This meeting should appeal to a wide range of Fairfax County citizens. Active transportation means self-propelled, mostly human-powered travel and, beyond biking, includes walking, rolling (scooter, wheelchair, stroller), hiking, running, and horseback riding for transportation and recreational purposes.

Nicole, who works primarily on long-range active transportation planning and infrastructure projects, will provide an update on program activities. Local riders may recall that Fairfax County is updating and combining the Bicycle Master Plan and the Countywide Trails Plan into the ActiveFairfax Transportation Plan. The plan will establish a vision and a roadmap for implementation of safe, convenient, and enjoyable streets and trails in Fairfax County by beginning the planning process to update the Fairfax County Comprehensive Plan. In short, the program and the plan are a big deal with significant implications for the future of the county.

So, don’t wait and register here today and join the conversation on making bicycling better in Fairfax County.


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