Seminary Road. Photo courtesy of Greater Greater Washington.

In support of the Alexandria Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC), FABB is asking members and other interested readers who use Seminary Road to contact the Alexandria City Council and register their support for safer options to accommodate all road users.

This Greater Greater Washington article lays out the choices facing the Alexandria City Council about Seminary Road. As the article explains the City of Alexandria wants to improve safety and connectivity along a stretch of Seminary Road east of I-395, but multiple local civic associations are opposed to its plan. On June 24, Alexandria’s Traffic and Parking Board voted three to two to recommend a less option that would maintain four lanes for motor vehicles rather than the option that reallocated one of the four lanes to provide safe accommodations for all road users. BPAC is encouraging people to ask the council to choose an option that better addresses speeding, a recognized safety concern in the corridor, includes bike lanes, and provides more space for people on foot.

3 Lane Option: Two Travel Lanes, Center Turn Lane, and Buffered Bike Lanes

City staff will present the four-lane alternative to the Alexandria City Council in September for a public hearing. A group of residents who live near Seminary Road have requested that a fully-developed three-lane option also be presented. Please send your comments as soon as possible to ensure the council considers all views on the best option to improve safety and accessibility on the road.

You can contact the council members at Call-Click-Connect or via phone at 703.746.4357.

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