E-bikes have been growing in popularity for years now because they are great at helping us replace car trips, reduce our carbon footprint, and, for many, access the joys of bicycling.

For some of the earlier models, however, the lithium ion batteries powering them may be approaching the end of their life. These dead batteries need to be properly managed and do not belong in dumpsters or landfills nor should they just be left in the back of a garage.

Recycling these batteries is great way to ensure that their components are reused and don’t become pollutants in the environment.

Conveniently, PeopleForBikes recently brought to our attention that they have endorsed Call2Recycle’s new program called Hungry of Batteries—with its mascot, Watts—which has made it easy to recycle your battery at more than 1,800 battery drop-off locations nationwide.

Fairfax County is fortunate to have nearly a dozen participating bike shops (and many more are in neighboring areas). Not all battery brands are accepted, however, so please call your bike shop first before dropping off your dead battery.

Maintaining our bicycles and being responsible stewards for the batteries and other materials we use are all part of making bicycling better for everyone.



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