In years past FABB has worked with Fairfax County Environmental Quality Advisory Council (EQAC) members to support the county’s Bicycle Master Plan and encourage its implementation after passage. We were pleased to note that in the EQAC’s 2018 Annual Report the council continues to support bicycling across several areas, including transportation, air quality, and land use.

The report praises the county’s bicycle and pedestrian programs, The council also encourages continued construction of on-road bike lanes and continued tracking of bike share. The report recommends continued investment in transit, bicycle and pedestrian projects where possible in support of the Bicycle Master Plan and the Transit Development Plan.

The EQAC applauded the Board of Supervisors’ environmental vision for land use policies and regulations, which give priority to mixed use, pedestrian and bicycle-friendly transit-oriented development in activity centers. Policies and regulations that promote the development and enhancement of vibrant and vital pedestrian and bicycle-friendly places where people want to live, work, shop, play, learn and thrive in a healthy environment are seen as necessary for the protection, restoration, and efficient use of natural resources in the county.

The EQAC lamented the reprogramming of over $100 million in annual transportation revenue to Metro (WMATA), noting that, as necessary as adequately funding Metro is, fewer resources are now available to improve compatible transit or fund bicycle and pedestrian improvements.

Let EQAC and the county know that you appreciate their support for bicycle transportation by sending comments to [email protected]

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