• Cities around the world are reclaiming space on roads and streets for pedestrians and bikes.
  • With your support, Fairfax County can, too!

Hey, better bicycling advocates, if you are on Twitter, check out #Covid19Streets and see all of the amazing changes going on around the country and the world to create temporary bikeways and walkways and safer streets overall. As some have observed, space is being reclaimed from non-motorists in a way that, if sustained, will have a significant positive impact when things return to the new normal. More than 1,000 miles in just in the top 10 cities have been created in the past two months.

Years of bicycle and pedestrian advocacy are bearing fruit during the crisis as transportation planners look for ways to improve access and safety with alternative transportation means. With public transportation in our area cut back and likely to suffer reduced ridership, making bike commuting safe and reliable is more important than ever if we are to avoid increased traffic congestion and pollution in the future.

Check out Smart Growth America’s webinar on Complete Streets here for a look at how many places are approaching these issues.

In recognition of Bike Month, please join FABB in asking your local district officials to support the closing of car lanes where appropriate to increase space for walkers and bikers as well as merchants and restaurants.  If you would like to learn more about and become involved in bicycle advocacy, please contact us at [email protected].

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