• South Van Dorn Street Pedestrian and Bicycle Access Project will add a shared-used path and other improvements. 
  • Share your ideas with FCDOT to improve project plans by 13 March. 

The Fairfax County Department of Transportation (FCDOT) is asking Alexandria-area commuters and residents to review and provide comments on the South Van Dorn Street Pedestrian and Bicycle Access Project.

The South Van Dorn Street Pedestrian and Bicycle Access Project includes improvements along the east side of South Van Dorn Street, from south of Oakwood Road to the existing pedestrian structure under the Capital Beltway (I-95/495). In addition to a new 10-foot shared use path, the project will include intersection modifications at Oakwood Road to realign the northbound I-95/495 on-ramp entrance and to provide a signalized pedestrian crossing of the on-ramp at the intersection.

FABB encourages local riders and others interested citizens to review the plans here and then share their thoughts with FCDOT. Our review of the plans suggest that the plans should be revised to accommodate the following observations:

  • There is a missing crosswalk on the north side of the Oakwood intersection, crossing Van Dorn, that connects to a bus stop. FCDOT should complete the intersection with a crosswalk and refuge island. Without it, bus riders and others will have an undue burden of crossing the intersection three times instead of once to get across Van Dorn.
  • The road crossings are very long at the Oakwood intersection. Extending all medians through the crosswalks would create accessible pedestrian refuges and also would help drivers turn more carefully, which would improve safety for everyone.
  • All the pedestrian signals should be programmed in “Rest in Walk” mode. This eliminates the need for a pedestrian or cyclist to activate the signal with a button press and will give them the signal to cross as long as there is time left in the light cycle to cross safely. The buttons create a confusing and dangerous situation for both drivers and people walking and biking. Some people are unaware that they have to press ped buttons to get a walk signal. For riders, it is often challenging to reach a ped signal button without fully dismounting the bike and navigating around traffic poles and ramps.

You can provide these and your own comments and as well as ask questions by using the contact form here or by calling Latesa Turner, Project Manager, at 703-877-5600, TTY 711. In-person meetings can be scheduled at FCDOT offices located at 4050 Legato Road, Suite 400, Fairfax, VA 22033. In addition, residents may request FCDOT to schedule a public hearing by contacting the project manager in writing at the address listed above or by using the submission form here. The deadline to request a public hearing is Friday, March 13, 2020.

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