This Wednesday, May 5, is Bike to School Day. This is the national annual celebration of bicycling to promote children’s physical fitness and their sense of independence. In addition, Bike to School Day and those children who continue to bike during the school year help to take cars off the road, which improves commutes and air quality for everyone. FABB salutes all of the children and parents who make biking a part of their lives.

We also want to express our appreciation to Fairfax County’s Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program, which works with the public school system to run the event. Throughout the year SRTS program manager, Sally Smallwood, educates students on pedestrian and bicycle safety, increases their daily physical activity, and help them arrive at school energized and ready to learn. About 30 percent of the county’s elementary and middle schools take part in SRTS programs.

Finally, FABB says “well done” to the 27 county schools that have registered for Bike to School Day this year: Aldrin Elementary, Beech Tree Elementary, Cameron Elementary, Cherry Run Elementary, Churchill Road Elementary, Clearview Elementary, Colvin Run Elementary, Crestwood Elementary, Cunningham Park Elementary, Dogwood Elementary, Dranesville Elementary, Fairhill Elementary, Forestdale Elementary, Freedom Hill Elementary, Hunters Woods Elementary, Lane Elementary, Lemon Road Elementary, Mantua Elementary, Marshall Road Elementary, McNair Elementary, Powell Elementary, Rocky Run Middle, Rolling Valley Elementary, Sunrise Valley Elementary, Twain Middle, Wakefield Forest Elementary, and Westgate Elementary.

Please help make Bike to School a great event by reminding others and encouraging them to drive carefully on Wednesday. If out on your bike, show support to any students you see and demonstrate good biker etiquette and safe riding habits.


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