FABB is happy to report that the Fairfax County Department of Transportation (FCDOT) recently began installing seven Bikes May Use Full Lane signs in the Clifton area. These white warning signs should make for safer riding there by alerting motorists to the presence of bicyclists.

The effort to get signs began in 2017 when David Viens and the Clifton Cycling Club enlisted FABB President Jeff Anderson’s help in approaching VDOT. The initial steps involved correspondence with Cindy Engelhart, the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) Northern Virginia District Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator, to learn the process for requesting signage. David wryly noted in one of his early emails that the Clifton area had Turtle Crossing signs and horses in road warnings but no traffic signs to protect bicyclists.

Cathy explained VDOT tried to install bicycle signs only where needed because, if overused, the public starts to ignore them and the signs become ineffective. But, with her guidance, David, helped by some of the 120 members of the Clifton Cycling Club and a few other local riders, identified areas where caution signs would make a difference. The list and accompanying information was then submitted to Ivan Horodyskyiof the VDOT Traffic Division, who evaluated the request. Delegate Timothy D. Hugo advocated for the club’s request and helped move the process along. FCDOT then planned and starting installing the signs.

FABB was happy to play a part in the success of Clifton area riders in making bicycling better in their part of Fairfax County. Over the years many of our best achievements have occurred when FABB combined with knowledgeable local riders to engage constructively with government transportation officials. If you are aware of a safety need where you ride that is going unattended, FABB can work with you and other interested riders to advocate for a solution. Just send a note to [email protected].

This article was corrected on January 13, 2019 to clarify that FCDOT rather than VDOT did the planning for and installation of the signs.

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