As FABB kicked off 2019, the Board held two planning meetings to set goals and develop its annual work plan. The Board met first met in January to develop a draft work plan. Then, in February, hosted a broader group of FABB members to solicit feedback and expand on activities under each of the organization’s key priority areas. FABB’s key priority areas are:

  • Advocacy for Better Bicycle Infrastructure and Multi-Modal Transportation
  • Legal Rights of Cyclists
  • Alliance and Partnerships with Regional Organization, Government Agencies and the Private Sector
  • Bicycle Ridership & Education
  • Inclusive Outreach to All Communities of Fairfax County

Based on supporter feedback, FABB developed a plan that includes expanding its bicycle education and encouragement program, creating new corporate partnerships, and continuing strong advocacy campaigns for trail connections along important corridors like I-66, Arlington Blvd. and Route 1. FABB will continue organizing and supporting other ongoing events such as social rides, Bike-To-Work-Day, Tour de Mount Vernon and more. We can’t do it without the support of our volunteers. Please consider getting involved. Sign up to learn more about activities you are interested in supporting.

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