• Now is a time for the bike community to come together and support each other. 
  • Volunteering from home is a great option for helping. 

We recommend that FABB members check out Joe Lindsey’s “How You Can Support Bike Shops, Event Organizers, and Cycling Non-Profits” on the Bicycling Magazine website. A silver lining of the crisis has been more people looking to bicycling as a means of transportation and recreation along with the official recognition of bike shops as essential businesses. But, as Lindsey’s article points out, there is more riders can do to make bicycling better by helping others.

Lindsey provides a number of suggestions to assist bike shops, events, and, yes, even non-profit advocacy organizations such as FABB get through this period:

  • With bike shops, continue to give them business, even if only by buying a gift card for later on. He also recommends that you call or e-mail before visiting (especially given Virginia’s March 30 stay-at-home order) and respect the shop’s hygiene rules. And, don’t forget to wash your hands before and after your visit.
  • For events that have been canceled, consider not asking for a refund and making it a donation instead. Also, remember that the event may be rescheduled for later this year, so be patient. Finally, if you do want your money back, continue to be patient as it may take organizers a while to respond to the change in their plans.
  • With respect to non-profits, please continue to donate money, but put any gear donation plans on hold for now.
  • Also, while you are remaining in your residence or perhaps have a little more time because of telework, please consider volunteering to help from home. FABB is always looking for assistance with our social media and committee work on a wide range of advocacy issues.

Looking ahead to the post-crisis period, we believe that there will be a great need for advocates to represent the interests of riders and others wanting more and better transportation, health, and safety options as the national, state, and local governments develop policies to reduce our vulnerability to future pandemics. Now is the time to come on board with FABB to start preparing for future work to make bicycling better.

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