A great way to close out Bike Month would be to join the League of American Bicyclists in pressing Congress to pass the Bicycle Commuter Act (H.R.  3473/ S. 1724).

The Bicycle Commuter Act is a common-sense incentive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and encourage people to commute by bike, the most efficient form of urban transportation ever devised. It reinstates and improves the previous bicycle commuting benefit.

If passed, bike commuters would get up to an $81/month pre-tax bicycle benefit to put towards everyday commuting expenses. The law makes it easy for employers to offer a bicycle commuter benefit that can be used on its own or in concert with a transit and/or parking benefits. These pre-tax dollars could be used for the cost and maintenance of a bike or a bikeshare membership.

The League makes it easy to take action. Just go to their site and enter your address and it automatically addresses your members of Congress and provides a form letter that you could send as is of edit to add your own comments.

Don’t wait. Let’s close out Bike Month with a flood of emails to Congress supporting the Bicycle Commuter Act. Please go now and take action here.


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