Arlington Boulevard Trail.

FABB wants members and other interested citizens to let the Providence and Mason district supervisors know that we support a funding request by the Fairfax County Department of Transportation (FCDOT) to conduct a study for two I-495 shared use path crossings to fill a gap in the Arlington Boulevard Trail in the county’s FY 2022 budget.

The comprehensive study is intended to explore all aspects of the two proposed non-motorized crossings over the Beltway. The placement of the south crossing will need to be coordinated with options to reconfiguration of the Route 50 south bound entrance ramp to I-495 and an additional travel lane at this location. The north crossing will be a key feature in the regional Arlington Boulevard Trail from Fairfax Circle to the Potomac River.

Once the remaining gaps in the Arlington Boulevard Trail are filled, the 22-mile trail will link various communities in Fairfax and Arlington to DC as well as provide non-motorized access to commercial centers along Route 50 and its high volume of motor vehicle traffic. You can voice your support for planned and still conceptual-stage ideas for projects to fill the 5 miles of gaps here with our friends at the Capital Trails Coalition.

Comments in support of the funding request need to be submitted as soon as possible to ensure the request is included in the county’s FY 2022 Advertised Budget Plan, which scheduled to be released on February 23, 2021. You can email Supervisor Palchik at [email protected] and Supervisor Gross at [email protected].

Please Speak Up! now to support FCDOT’s continued efforts to prepare for a future of better biking and walking transportation options.


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