The Fairfax County Department of Transportation (FCDOT) is seeking community input through July 9, 2021, on the preliminary design for the Richmond Highway Bus Rapid Transit system. FABB encourages local riders to use this opportunity to Speak Up! for bicycling and share their ideas on making the roadway design better.

FCDOT will hold an online meeting on Wednesday, June 30, 2021 at 6:30 pm to share information about the preliminary roadway design as well as other project updates and allow for participant questions. [Note: The meeting will be recorded for later viewing, and a Spanish recording will be made available.] Register to participate here.

In addition to sharing your ideas at the virtual meeting, you can tell FCDOT what you think through July 9 by completing a brief survey (available in English and Spanish) and by sending comments via email to: [email protected]. You also can submit written comments to: Fairfax County Department of Transportation, Richmond Highway BRT Project Manager, 4050 Legato Road, Fairfax, VA 22033.

The survey appears aimed property owners directly impacted by construction, but there are options to enter your own comments. In addition to your ideas, FABB suggests that local riders ask for the following changes to the design plans:

  • The 8-feet wide cycle tracks are too narrow. The NACTO recommended minimum width for two-way cycle tracks is 12 feet. Widen the cycle tracks to accommodate safe, comfortable bike travel.
  • The 11- to 12-fee wide car lanes are typically used for freeways where drivers travel 65 mph+ and are inappropriate and unsafe for this portion of Richmond Highway. Make the car lanes 10 feet wide and lower the speed limit to 35 mph.
  • The sidewalks need to be widened and the curb lane should be converted to a painted dedicated bus lane with flex posts. Doing nothing to the street conditions of North Kings Highway is a mistake and continues to degrade the quality of life in the communities and school adjacent to the street.

The input will be compiled and shared with the County Board of Supervisors as part of their review of the Preliminary Design this summer. Following Board endorsement, FCDOT and the design team will continue refining the design, incorporating the public comments as appropriate.

There is an interactive map available for reviewing proposed changes and making recommendations here. You can find plans for specific segments of the roadway to review here:

  • Map 1: Fort Belvoir Station, Woodlawn Station (Belvoir Road to Woodlawn Shopping Center).
  • Map 2: South County Station (Woodlawn Shopping Center to Roxbury Drive).
  • Map 3: Gum Springs Station, Hybla Valley Station (Central Avenue to Arlington Drive).
  • Map 4: Lockheed Station, Beacon Hill Station (Camelia Drive to S. Kings Highway).
  • Map 5: Penn Daw Station, Huntington Station (S. Kings Highway to Quander Road and S. Kings Highway to Huntington Station).

Don’t wait! Plan now to participate in the meeting and send your comments to FCDOT. Help make the Richmond Highway and Fairfax County better.


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