• Plan now to attend virtual presentations and support Annandale bike- and pedestrian-friendly design guidelines. 
  • Help ensure Annandale gets cycle tracks, elevated and protected bike lanes, and other amenities in future development. 

FABB wants to alert Annandale area bikers that Fairfax County is accepting comments now and providing two virtual presentations this month on the draft District Design Guidelines. This is a great opportunity to speak up in support of bicycle facilities included in the guidelines.

The first virtual meeting will be on Thursday, February 11, at 7:00 pm. The second will be on Tuesday, February 23, at 7:30 pm as part of the Mason District Land Use Advisory Committee meeting. You can register for the first meeting here and the second one here.

The Annandale Urban Design Guidelines provide design direction to enhance the appearance of the Annandale Community Business Center. The Guidelines serve as a complement to the existing Comprehensive Plan vision through its detailed urban design and streetscape guidance that is to be used by owners, developers, citizens and Fairfax County. The draft update includes broad urban design recommendations for streets, parks, landscaping, building exteriors and placemaking features and adds elements related to public art, revised streetscape materials, and completes street sections provided in other design guidelines.

The guidelines are bicycle- and pedestrian-friendly and deserve vocal support. For example, the guidelines suggest that major boulevards in the business district include an 8-foot two-way cycle track, 6-foot minimum width sidewalk, and amenities like bicycle racks, bus shelters, and seating areas.  Bike parking at bus shelters/stops would be a great addition that should be proposed. Smaller roadways, such as a minor arterial, should have a 5-foot minimum wide elevated (not at road level) bike lane in each direction located behind the curb. The guidance for a collector street proposes a 5-foot wide on-road dedicated bike lane in each direction, adding that elevated or buffered bike facilities may be appropriate under certain circumstances. Finally, local streets will accommodate bicycle traffic in the travel lane but, where warranted, may include a separated on-road bicycle facility.

Comments on the design are being accepted now through February 25, 2021, and can be submitted via this DPD CRS online form.

Please Speak Up! and make bicycling better in Fairfax County.


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