The planning process for the transportation network in Northern Virginia in 25 years is already underway and local riders need to make their voices heard.

The National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board began the process of updating Visualize 2050, the region’s Long-Range Transportation Plan, earlier this year.

To provide an opportunity to discuss local projects under consideration, the Fairfax County Department of Transportation (FCDOT) is hosting in-person and virtual public meetings this month. These are great opportunities to learn more about the projects, propose changes and offer support to those that advance the goal of better bicycling in Fairfax County.

The in-person public meeting is set for this Wednesday, September 6, at 7:00 pm at the Fairfax County Government Center, 12000 Government Center Parkway, in Fairfax.

A virtual public meeting will be held online on Tuesday, September 12, at 7:00 pm. You can join the meeting online here or by phone at 571-429-5982 with access code: 358535088#.

If unable to attend, you can still provide feedback in an FCDOT survey. You can find the link to the survey here.

In general, participants should press FCDOT to prioritize infrastructure projects that:

  • Shift more travel to transit, biking, and walking and foster more walkable, bike-friendly, transit-oriented communities.
  • Include, where appropriate, the expansion of existing or building of new trails and shared use paths to complete connections into a broader trail network.
  • Include, where possible and appropriate, protected bike lanes.

Finally, ask FCDOT to reconsider all lane widening projects that are likely to induce demand rather than reduce motor vehicle use and congestion. Given what we now know about advancing technologies and climate change, much of the proposed highway funding would be better used for transit and other travel mode projects, including bike and pedestrian facilities, that have a better record of reducing motor vehicle use, congestion, and pollution.

Here are some of FABB’s suggestions for the Visualize 2045 projects that are active, funded, or under construction on what FCDOT called the “fiscally constrained” Visualize 2050 project list and that deserve local riders’ support:

  • T6539: Rt 7 Corridor Improvements – Phase 2 (pedestrian and bicycle facilities)
  • CE3468: Shirley Gate Rd Extension/Interchange with Fairfax Co. Pkwy (pedestrian and bicycle facilities)
  • CE3166: Herndon Metrorail Intermodal Access Improvements (bike/pedestrian streetscape enhancements)
  • T6583: Soapstone Connector (on-road bike lane, sidewalk, and shared use path.)
  • CE3450: Soapstone Dr 4-Lane Overpass (pedestrian and bicycle facilities)
  • CE3474: Lee Hwy Widening (pedestrian and bicycle facilities)
  • T6604: Lee Hwy Widening Phase II (pedestrian and bicycle facilities)
  • CE3478: VA 636 Hooes Road (shared-use path)
  • CE3460: Frontier Drive Extension (pedestrian and bicycle facilities)

Please help make bicycling better in Fairfax County and Speak Up! for future bike facilities.


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