• Plan now to attend a virtual community meeting and give feedback on the Vision and Goals for Active Transportation in Fairfax County.
  • Speak Up! for more and better bicycling infrastructure.

FCDOT is holding two virtual meetings this month to gather public input on its ActiveFairfax Transportation Plan. The first meeting is set for Monday, September 13, at 7:00 pm. The second is two days later on Wednesday, September 15, at 6:30 pm.

FABB has been an active supporter of this effort and has previously asked local riders to voice their support for all of the elements of active transportation with their district supervisors. We need to continue Speaking Up to ensure the Board of Supervisors approve the active transportation vision, goals, and objectives and expand bicycling’s role in the Board’s active transportation priorities.

Fairfax County engaged the public earlier this year to help develop the ActiveFairfax project framework and an overarching vision statement and goals. The vision statement will be used as a guide to help Fairfax County make decisions that align with its declared set of goals. You can views the plan’s proposed vision statement, goals and objectives here.

You can join the September 13 meeting online here or by phone by dialing 1-844-621-3956 and entering access code: 179 999 6196.

Join the September 15 meeting online here or by phone by dialing 1-844-621-3956 and entering access code: 179-373-0026.

FCDOT is accepting public comments until September 19, 2021. If unable to join in the meetings, please send your comments here.

You also have time to view and add to past public feedback on key destinations and barriers to active transportation in the county as well as on suggested locations for new trail and bikeway routes and Complete Streets Enhancements.

Please join us in Speaking Up to make bicycling a major component of county active transportation plans.



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