Local riders need to Speak Up! at the Fairfax County Department of Transportation virtual stakeholder meeting for the Route 28 Widening Project on Thursday, December 2, 2021, at 7 pm. FCDOT will use the meeting to provide a project update and discuss the project land acquisition schedule and process.

FCDOT is widening Route 28 for a distance of approximately 2.3 miles from the existing bridge over Bull Run to the interchange at Route 29 to address congestion south of I-66. The project includes improvements to bicycle and pedestrian connections and crossings, including new 10-foot shared-use path on both sides of Route 28. Portions of existing shared-use paths will be closed during periods of the construction.

The project has been in the works since it was endorsed by the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors as part of the County’s Transportation Priorities Plan in January 2014. The world, however, has changed over the past eight years with more people recognizing that widening roads does less to correct—or even worsens—congestion problems in comparison to expanded multi-modal transportation options. In addition, with more people taking up bicycling and more riders purchasing e-bikes, the opportunity to get more people out of cars has never been greater.

Local riders should take this opportunity to demand that project funds be shifted to biking and walking infrastructure and that:

  • FCDOT alter the Route 28 plan to expand the width of the shared use path from 10 feet, the recommended MINIMUM, to a more appropriate 12 feet.
  • FCDOT ensure 2-feet shoulders are installed along the path.
  • FCDOT ensure sufficient separation between the path and the roadway (as wide as Right of Way allows).
  • FCDOT install sufficient signage to alert motorists at intersections to the presence of bicyclists and pedestrians.

Project goals need to recognize that such highway work needs to focus on reducing congestion not by creating demand-inducing new lanes but by encouraging more people to rely less on their cars for short trips. In addition, FCDOT needs to focus more on reducing automotive emissions that contribute to climate change. In both cases, encouraging more use of bicycles, walking, and public transit is a proven cost-effective solution.

To attend the online meeting, join on Microsoft Teams here (can open in browser without downloading or installing the app).

You also can dial in at 571-429-5982 and using Conference ID: 238 969 869#.

If unable to attend, you can send your views to the project team here.

Please mark your calendars and join in the meeting to support better bicycling in Fairfax County.


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