FABB wants to thank and express its admiration for the Reston Bicycle Club (RBC), which in 2018 has generously donated $1,000 to our organization and another $4,100 to other groups that support bicycling.

The Club, founded in 1982 to promote bicycling in Reston and surrounding communities, has a history of philanthropy, including helping Reston Association purchase bicycle racks as well as purchasing a bicycle traffic counter for Fairfax County.

FABB is proud to consider itself an ally with RBC in promoting cycling, as club president Chip Magrogan has said, for “fun, exercise, and as a commuting alternative.” 

The Club offers social rides as well as training rides almost every day of the week during the riding season (Apr-Sep) and on weekends year round. Club membership is open to all area cyclists and is only $25 annually.  For more information on the Club or to request a grant application form, please visit www.restonbikeclub.org or email [email protected].

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