FABB has join a coalition of transit, clean water, housing, smart growth, and climate advocacy groups representing local and regional non-profits to speak up on issues for the upcoming county and state elections. The coalition is offering a policy platform that they hope all candidates for Fairfax County Board or Virginia General Assembly offices will adopt.

Fairfax Healthy Communities: Sustainable, Inclusive, Livable calls for an integrated approach to the land use, housing, transportation, conservation, climate and social equity challenges facing the county. FABB urges its supporters to read the platform and join us in speaking up on its behalf. Let the candidates know that, as a bicyclist, you support the call for policies to ensure transit, bicycling, walking, and other modes of active transportation are well-funded, safe, convenient, and accessible for people of all ages. Ask them to support the reality that policies that give residents more transportation choices also reduce traffic congestion and provide multiple health and economic advantages that benefit everyone in the county.

We think you will find the other parts of the platform—expanding park and trail networks, affordable housing, restoring watersheds, affordable health care and healthy local food—worthy of your support and advocacy.

FABB is proud to be partnering with the Coalition for Smarter Growth, Audubon Naturalist Society, Audubon Society of Northern Virginia, Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions, Friends of Accotink Creek, Friends of Dyke Marsh, Northern Virginia Affordable Housing Alliance, and Potomac Conservancy on this important endeavor.

Some of the group members will be hosting a debate for all four candidates for Chair of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors.  Check back with us soon for an announcement of the date, time, and venue.

Now is the time to Speak Up! to make this vision of future healthy, livable, sustainable, and prosperous Fairfax County a reality.

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