To continue our ongoing celebration of bicycling, FABB encourages local riders to participate in the sixth annual Bike Travel Weekend this weekend, June 4-6, 2021. Facilitated by the wonderful people at Adventure Cycling, you can plan a solo or group ride to some great overnight destination here in northern Virginia. You can create your own trip here or join existing trips prepared by other riders. Registering your trip is free, and all registered trips are included on an interactive map.

Bike Travel Weekend overlaps with National Trails Day on June 5, so it is a great opportunity to include one of our great local trails in your trip plan. Whether you visit a campground, hotel, or just a friend’s house or friend’s backyard, you will be one of thousands celebrating bike travel. In the past five years, Bike Travel Weekend included over 4,200 trips with more than 40,000 participants in all 50 US states and two dozen countries.

Don’t wait! Plan now and encourage others to join you in experiencing the joy of bicycle travel.


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